New Site Name and Domain

New Site Name and Domain

Our host recently acquired a new domain name for us, so we decided to change the site name along with it to, Admiring┬áRhona Mitra. So, also with that we’re working hard to get our gallery updated as well. Starting with the missing appearances and going from there to get it completely filled up.

The Last Ship: Complete 2nd Season Set Coming In May

TNT and Warner Home Video releasing the Complete 2nd Season of “The Last Ship” this May 3rd.

The season 2 summary:

As the second season opens, Captain Chandler (series star ERIC DANE), XO Slattery (series star ADAM BALDWIN) and the rest of the crew are working to disseminate the cure that paleomicrobiologist Dr. Rachel Scott (series star RHONA MITRA) developed at the end of season one. As soon as they arrive back on U.S. soil, however, they are met with opposition in the form of a new world order under the leadership of Amy Granderson (guest star ALFRE WOODARD). To make matters worse, they also face a dangerous new enemy bent on taking over the world.

The Pricing:

The Last Ship – The Complete 2nd Season, coming to DVD ($39.98 SRP) and Blu-ray Disc ($49.99 SRP.)

The Bonus Features:

  • Season 1 Recap
  • Inside the Episodes
  • Exclusive Look at Season 2
  • The Making of Season 2
  • Featurette
  • UltraViolet Digital Copies (with Blu-ray only)

The Blu-Ray & DVD Covers (front & Back):


News: Rhona Mitra Loves Playing Strong Female Characters

Rhona Mitra recently took to her official Instagram account, to share a picture of herself with her fans and followers, which shows the stunning star in her very familiar role as Major Rachel Dalton from the hit television series The Last Ship. Along with the picture from the show, Rhona also added a rather entertaining caption.

Which reads, “‘Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered’ I get to carry the strength of the women I play with me for life. (Minus the guns. Hate guns) It’s mostly a gift. But no one is ever so tough that they don’t need hugs. Everyone needs a little love.”

#assumptionisthemotherofallmisunderstanding #VulnerabilityIsEverythingChanneling #MajorRachelDalton right now. #NotSoToughGirlsClub #IwillKillYouWithCuddles.